a camping trip of ridiculous proportions

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Buggered Suspension Bushes

I noticed as we progressed on our trip around oz the hilux handling and steering response became somewhat poorer than what it was when we started the trip. I’m no mechanic but in my opinion this bush from the rear suspension is in need of replacement and probably the cause of the poor handling!

hilux buggered suspension bush

That’s what ya get for beating around the bush with a fully laden vehicle. Several thousand kilometers of corrugations don’t help much either.hilux suspension bushes new vs old


Yeagerup, Lost Camera and Work

Salmon fishing on a beach in South West Western Australia is an important tradition for West Australian’s over Easter. Salmon are a member of the Holy Trinity after all. We cultivated that tradition with a few days camp over Easter at Yeagerup Beach south of Pemberton. Joe caught hundreds of salmon, possibly more, but unfortunately has no photographic evidence as the camera was lost. The old faithful Panasonic waterproof (and sandproof) camera which has come around Australia and overseas with us for the last few years is gone. Lost in the sand we believe.

To add insult to injury, Sharni and Joe have just locked in permanent jobs in Perth. We headed back to Perth for what was supposed to be a few months work but it’s now become ongoing. But the Hilux is stuck in Brisbane and we were only half way through our trip across Australia! How are we going to finish our trip? No one knows. I suppose we shouldn’t have taken 2 years to do only half of Australia.

So what becomes of this blog during our hiatus? The Hilux is going to somehow make it’s way back to Perth and we are going to try to make good use of it. We hope to knock off a fair bit of travel around WA whilst working. We’ll continue to document our ongoing missions into the outback through this blog.

Yeagerup is a good spot for camping and fishing and the huge sand dune system encroaching into the forest is an impressive sight and good fun for dune bashing in a 4WD. We camped right on the beach since all the camping spots behind the dunes were taken. There’s also some proper camping with facilities back inland at Lake Yeagerup but that’s too far from the beach.

We nabbed some photos off some of the chaps that came camping with us.  No salmon shots were found. If you find a camera on Yeagerup beach please let me know. Our camera can be identified by the millions of salmon photos contained within.


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The week after Labour Day long weekend we went to Myalup with family for some fishing and relaxing. We stayed at Myalup caravan park, where you’re not allowed tents! Apparently because people with tents have a greater chance of getting too drunk and disturbing the peace at the caravan park. Maybe only lower class people use tents? Sounds right because we set up camp with a tent and got asked to take it down!

The whiting were on the bite at Myalup which is not unusual. Nonna landed a huge haul of whiting. Decent size too compared to what we usually get off the beach. Whiting are delicious. We pan fried a few and chucked the rest in pasta sauce for some spaghetti marinara.


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Wilbinga Camp Labour Day

Well we’re back in the rat race working in Perth but still need a regular camping fix. For the Labour Day long weekend Joe went camping with some friends on the beach at Wilbinga just north of Perth. We enjoyed some relaxing, swimming, fishing and burning around on Mark’s fancy Can Am quad bike. That thing is massive. Way more macho than any quad bike I’ve seen. Mark also played with his other quad – the quad copter. Joe landed a small tailor – barely legal but good enough.

There’s heaps of rubbish left around the joint from previous campers. We filled a bag up from around our camp site. There’s too many morons leaving their rubbish everywhere which ruins it for everyone. Access will be banned one day if it continues. I think 4WD access around Two Rocks has just been blocked off for this very reason. Take your rubbish with you!

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Back to Work!

It’s time to get back to work after spending up big in USA. Joe got a job in Perth so we’re on our way back. It’s a short term role for a few months in Perth CBD and the plan is to rent an apartment in the city. We thought the Hilux may not fit in an apartment carpark and a small car is better for a city runabout anyways. The market for small cars is way better in Brisbane, plus we wanted to take our bikes and thermomix across so instead of flying we bought ourselves a little Suzuki Baleno in Brisbane. It cost less than the thermomix it’s transporting and did a great job driving across the Nullarbor on the hottest February day on record! We made it across in about 3 days, driving for 18 hours a day and sleeping in a tent on the side of the road.

Before we left, Sharni flew back to Perth for a weekend for an engagement party and then another friend Ellen came to visit us back in Brisbane. Sharni and Ellen had some girly time together down at Gold Coast. Also we snuck in a quick walk up Mount Ngungun in the Glass House Mountains on our way to dinner with Ellen’s family nearby.



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