Macho Divertissement

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  1. Hey joe did you ever do ant investigation into catch cans ? .. pros , cons , do they actually help with the soot control by removing some of the moisture ..?.. just curious . Cheers Mark

  2. Hey Joe, A bit of an odd question – I’m going to start bookbinding as a result of not finding much good to read whilst doing the Munda Biddi (Bibbulman on a Bicycle) and this blog is boatloads better then anything I could find whilst cycling that track. I was wondering if it would be ok if I transcribed, printed and book-binded parts of your Macho Divertissement to give to people as Christmas gifts and to trade in at ‘Take-a-Book-Leave-A-Book’ places? In any case thanks heaps for writing all this stuff – I’ve learnt and benefited a lot from all the information you have put up here.

    • Hey Kea i know the munda biddi i haven’t done it but it’s on my list. Done bits of it when doing some mountain bike riding in the hills. Would be sweet to do it properly.

      Should be ok to do the books, how many copies you gonna make?

      • Hiya joe, yeh the Munda biddi is definitely worth doing the long shot. Sleeping inside tingle trees is an interesting experience.

        Umm, probably around 5 or so. Not many and I’d be sure to do it after I’d got plenty of practice in bookbinding. Thx again and for getting back to me.

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