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Uluru and Kata Tjuta

uluru base walk cave

We we’re a bit rushed last time we visted Uluru so we had to have another look. This time, with a baby in tow, we decided against the steep, treacherous and sometimes deadly climb to the top and instead did the 10km base walk.

On the base walk we found some sandalwood bush plum. They weren’t very sweet, tasted bitter and sour with possibly a slight hint of plum flavour.

uluru bush plum sandalwood bush plums found around ulurusandalwood bush plum

The different perspective of the base walk was great. We got to see lots of different views of the rock that we had never seen before. The next day we did the valley of the winds walk through Kata Tjuta / Olgas and had a fancy dinner at Yulara Resort.

On the way out of Uluru we stayed at Curtin Springs road house. We ended up having a big night out at the bar, drinking beers and chatting with the owner of the Curtin Springs cattle station until late. In the morning we felt a bit ginger so decided on another visit to the bar for a bacon and egg sandwich before heading off for Kings Canyon.

Uluru, Northern Territory

Climb up Uluru

To top what was already one of the best days of our trip so far we stayed to watch the sun set over Uluru, AMAZING! The way the rock glows red in the sunlight is beautiful. Have a look at the two shots of Uluru and have a guess which one was taken at sunset and which one was taken just after.

Uluru is one of the premier international tourist attractions of Australia. It’s very busy and very tourist orientated. Still it’s an impressive attraction and we enjoyed our short stay there. We ran out of time and couldn’t complete the walk around the base of Uluru nor visit Kings Canyon or The Olgas (Kata Tjuta). One day we’ll come back.

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