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Peak Beard at Wilbinga Camp

tailor with nice beard

Just as I was starting to push through the itchy phase, sadly, a stern order was issued: the beard must go. What a tragedy it would be to have the beard removed without some photos of me flaunting it whilst fishing and camping. So a camping trip was commissioned to Wilbinga Beach north of Perth.

We caught a nice flat head and a tailor, both of which were deliciously prepared in the fish smoker. Fishing conditions weren’t ideal with the usual wind and weed keeping our bounty quite low. Other highlights included beach bocce and hours of fun watching people getting bogged on a particularly treacherous section of beach right near our camp.

The beard was promptly removed back home during the post camp washdown. I hope one day it will return bigger and better.

What’s Hong doing squatting on top of that sand dune?

Wilbinga Camp Labour Day

can am quad bike dunes wilbinga

Well we’re back in the rat race working in Perth but still need a regular camping fix. For the Labour Day long weekend Joe went camping with some friends on the beach at Wilbinga just north of Perth. We enjoyed some relaxing, swimming, fishing and burning around on Mark’s fancy Can Am quad bike. That thing is massive. Way more macho than any quad bike I’ve seen. Mark also played with his other quad – the quad copter. Joe landed a small tailor – barely legal but good enough.

There’s heaps of rubbish left around the joint from previous campers. We filled a bag up from around our camp site. There’s too many morons leaving their rubbish everywhere which ruins it for everyone. Access will be banned one day if it continues. I think 4WD access around Two Rocks has just been blocked off for this very reason. Take your rubbish with you!

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