‘stowaway folding bike assembly’

stowaway folding bike assembly

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  1. Hi
    I have just purchased the Stowaway city and did not receive any instructions at all. I have put it together and it looks OK but do not want to ride it until I know it is assembled correctly. Also am unsure how to fold it to put it in the car. Any suggestions

    • Hi Jeanette.

      The main thing is to ensure all the nuts and bolts are done up tight and the brakes are adjusted and working correctly. Every nut should be tightened, even the ones that were pre-assembled, just in case the quality control in the chinese factory wasn’t doing their job. You’ll also need to adjust the gears so that they change smoothly. If you don’t have much experience with bikes you might need someone to help adjust the brakes and gears. Or have a search on the net, there are some guides around.

      To fold the bike, undo the quick release lever on the hinge on the frame. There is a spring loaded safety latch on the hinge that stops the bike from folding even when the quick release is undone. You need to lift the latch at the same time as folding the bike. When the bike is folded you can also remove the handlebars by undoing the allen key in the stem of the handlebars and pulling the handlebars out.

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