South West Region, Western Australia

Boat Harbour Beach, Wellstead, Bremer Bay (and Trevor)

It was getting too hot in the Stirling Ranges. Much too hot to climb any mountains. We needed some beach so we spent Monday night camping at Boat Harbour Beach, a little bush camping spot on the way to Bremer Bay in a region called Wellstead. It is an awesome free campsite that has shelter, toilets, bbqs, seating, rain water and its own unofficial care taker Trevor. If you take a look at the pictures you will see Trevor’s caravan site. Trevor started living permanently at the campsite in 2010. For the first year he lived in a tent then he purchased the caravan off a fellow camper for $700. Trevor has two dogs, a talking bird, a veggie patch, fire and water station, and a little art sculpture garden art thing happening with all the ‘stuff’ (people’s rubbish) he finds dumped or washed up on the shore. It is worth the trip to Boat Harbour Beach just to meet Trevor and see his permanent abode he has created for himself…who needs a mortgage when you can do what Trevor has done and just set-up camp permanently in the middle of nowhere!!!

The track into Boat Harbour Campsite runs off South Coast Highway a few km west of Bordern – Bremer Bay Road. The final few km are sandy dirt track, I’d probably recommend a 4WD although it wasn’t too difficult. Caravans are towed into the camp grounds.

Joe was hoping for some salmon fishing, but could not see any schools and the beach was inundated with seaweed. So we cooked up a big camp oven roast, relaxed and took off the next morning. A top camping spot, will probably visit again one day on a camping mission from Perth. For now we’re off to Brember Bay.

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