Western Australia

The Great Mattress Catastrophe of 2012!

We first invested in our coleman queen size air mattress in 2006 (purchased from Kmart). It had served us well the past 6 or so years but there comes a time when objects pass their use by date, need to be upgraded or simply need to be replaced due to general wear and tear. For those of you that know Joe would understand that he likes to maximise the life of his equipment and test his skills at undertaking dodgy fixes.

The first problem (or challenge as Joe would put it) emerged when Joe first went to inflate the mattress. He discovered it had a split.

Sharni: It’s old. I think we need a new one.

Joe: NO it’s fine. It just needs a bit of patching.

Sharni: Uh huh!

After a few hours of Joe wetting the mattress and running his ear along ALL surface area of the mattress looking like some sort of magical mattress whisperer as a random observer put it Joe found a split in the mattress. A little glue and patch work – problem solved. In Joe’s mind anyway!

The second issue occurred when we woke up the next morning lying on a deflated mattress.

Sharni: We need a new mattress.

Joe: Sharni don’t be silly. It just needs some patching.

After applying more patches the mattress served its purpose for the remaining three nights. After that we used the roof top tent to sleep in.

The third warning sign that the mattress had passed its used by date was the next time Joe attempted to inflate the mattress (in Esperance). Joe had to patch it up AGAIN.  After a couple of nights use it needed fixing AGAIN and then……………Yup you guessed it AGAIN which brings us to today’s scenario. We dropped into the local Esperance camping store just to browse when I spotted a coleman queen size inflatable mattress.

Sharni: Look Joe we can replace our mattress.

Joe: No Sharni! Our one is perfectly fine.

Sharni: C’mon. Ours is old and needs replacing…we might as well buy one now that way you don’t have to spend so much time repairing it over and over.

Joe: NO

When we returned to our campsite Joe tested the fix from earlier today and identified a new peoblem with valve, came out of the tent and said…

Joe: Sharni I think we need a new mattress…


Joe has attempted to repair the valve but is not confident. This one may be terminal.

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  1. What? Joe can’t fix it using spatula craft? I’m disappointed Joe.
    I hope you get your new mattress Sharni! xx

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