South Australia

Crocodile Harry’s Nest, Coober Pedy, South Australia

Crocodile Harry was an ex northern territory crocodile hunter who moved to Coober Pedy in the 1970s to fossick for opals. He was one of Coober Pedy’s most infamous characters and lived in an eccentric dugout (underground home typical of Coober Pedy). Sadly, Crocodile Harry passed away in 2006. Apparently he claimed he was Arvid Von Blumentals, a Latvian Baron who was forced to leave his country after World War II. It is sad that he isn’t around anymore as we would have loved to have met him.

Exploring Crocodile Harry’s Nest was definitely a highlight for us. His underground dugout featured in the movie ‘Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome’.  The walls are covered in messages from tourists all around the globe. The story of how you got permission from Harry to write on his walls is morally questionable and not appropriate for this blog hahaha!  The dugout is filled with quirky and strange artifacts, you could spend hours in there reading and wondering what the story is behind everything there. Enjoy the pictures, even though they do not do the place enough justice!


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  1. Crocodile Harry : Don’t feel so sorry for not meeting Crocodile Harry, I visited Coober Pedy in 2004, and went to his cave. He was in a very sorry state, at that stage alcohol had taken its toll . He was incoherent and myself and my friends didn’t get a word of what he said.

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