Northern Territory, Australia


After Davenport Ranges we headed to Mataranka, a small town 100km south of Katherine. We stayed one night in the adjacent Elsey National Park but it deserves a few nights stop over. Brilliant thermal pools, excellent camping in the national park and a pub that serves beer. Just don’t order a steak sandwich from the pub, you’d be better off using those funds for more beer.

There are two thermal spring pools in the area – the main Mataranka Hot Springs which are more developed and have a nearby caravan park, and Bitter Springs which are in a more natural state.

We only stayed one night but our time in the pools was rushed and we would have enjoyed staying at the camp grounds longer. They feature hot showers, free firewood, good bbqs, flushing toilets, grassed areas and picnic tables. Much like a caravan park but at a fraction of the cost. The thermal pools are around 34 degrees – not hot but warm enough to comfortably remain in the water all day. They form crystal clear and still pools continually fed with clean underground water and are perfect to relax in.

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