Northern Territory, Australia

Adelaide River, Northern Territory

After Saturday night mud crab failure camping on the beach at Wagait beach, we headed for Adelaide River which is on the way home to Katherine. Adelaide River is quite a nice town. Nice pub which I’d previously had a steak sandwich for lunch when passing through last time. Caravan park is good, very green, and not too expensive. There’s a war cemetery nearby that’s very well maintained with beautiful gardens and is a popular spot for tour buses. Across the railway there’s the railway museum with heaps of information showcasing the town’s history, which started as a service centre for the railway line connecting to the gold rush town of Pine Creek in 1888. There’s also history on the telegraph line and WW2 when Adelaide River had  significant military presence.

We had a few drinks at the pub and stayed the night at the caravan park. Monday morning public holiday we headed to the railway museum where they were holding a picnic day picnic, which is a small celebration they have every year on picnic day. There was a live band and sausage sizzle, plus the usual museum displays and Devonshire tea. We had our first Devonshire tea there. We didn’t know what it was until recently. It’s just standard black tea with scones topped with cream and jam. After that it was time to go home and prepare for going back to work. Well Sharni had to prepare.

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