Northern Territory, Australia

Katherine Museum

We spent the day today around Katherine. Went to Maccas for a coffee and use their super slow wifi, followed by a trip to the Katherine Museum. There’s heaps of information about the history of Katherine and the region, especially about early exploration, the cattle industry, the railway, the telegraph line, WW2, the early days of the air transport in Australia and peanut farming. A few famous explorers have been through the Katherine region – Alfred Giles, Augustus Gregory, John McDouall Stuart and Ludwig Leichhardt are the most known.

Clyde Fenton is a famous doctor and pilot who flew around the top end of the Australia in the 1930’s providing health services to those in the outback. His first aircraft is on display at the museum – a De Havilland Gypsy Moth.

There’s some information and a video to be watched about the 1998 floods that devastated Katherine. The water level was a meter or two above where I am sitting right now in our house. Really catastrophic floods, worst on record. A highlight of the video was good old John Howard coming to Katherine and pledging the federal government’s support. Ahh the good old days of politics when we weren’t lead by an incompetent government. I miss you Johnny.

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