Point Stuart – No Land Based Fishing

After the great crocodile ambush of Shady Camp we thought there were too many crocodiles to try for another night of fishing there, so we headed north up the dirt track towards Point Stuart – the point where John McDouall Stuart reached the beach on his successful south to north traverse of the Australian continent.

Bit disappointed with what we found. No facilities. No camping area. No tracks to access any fishing areas. No vehicle access to the coast or any bodies of water. There was a walking track that took you to the actual beach where John McDouall Stuart landed, but it was too hot to attempt. There’s a private boat ramp at the fishing lodge which can be used to launch a boat from when staying at the lodge.

We headed back to Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge. It’s a nice little caravan park with bungalows and cabins for the upmarket travellers, a swimming pool and a nice little bar made of timber and corrugated iron with some art and photos related to the local wilderness and barramundi. It’s the most expensive unpowered camping accommodation I have ever paid for in my life. Apart from that, we enjoyed our stay with a cooling swim in the pool and a relaxing night at the bar, watching MTVs top 100 karaoke hits and downing a few cold ales.

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