Northern Territory, Australia

Grove Hill Heritage Hotel

After Edith Falls we went for a drive to Grove Hill Heritage Hotel. Built in 1934, it’s a good spot to drop off for a cool drink. Despite being only a short drive off Stuart Hwy, it feels like you’re really in the middle of no where. A good aussie bush pub owned by a typical bush character, Stan. A cold VB stubby was promptly ordered when we arrived. Apart from drinks and food available at the bar, there’s accommodation,  camping and a museum with mining and pastoral relics on display plus heaps of information on the history of the hotel and the area. We found out that on the last Saturday of every month during the dry season, the hotel hosts a free bbq and overnight camping night with live music. We never knew about it, otherwise we would have gone. There is one event left for the season in October. We’re planning to make it for that one.

We stayed for a couple of beers with Stan. He was drinking Bundy rum straight out of a little shot mug. Checked out the museum and other bits around, then headed off to Pine Creek.

The free bbqs are held in the dry only, from April to October. However Grove Hill Hotel stays open 365 days a year according to Stan. So it’s a reliable spot that you can check out and relax at anytime of the year.

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