Longreach – Christmas 2012

Longreach was our town of choice for spending Christmas. We chose it because it’s where we happened to be on the Landsborough Hwy on Christmas eve. We stayed at a caravan park. We had a fancy lunch for Christmas in the caravan park. We would have liked to go out but every place in town was closed so there was nowhere to socialize. For dinner instead of Christmas turkey we had Christmas Emu. One of the caravan park residents had emu in his fridge. He cooked up a leg on the bbq for all to share. Christmas night we sat around chatting with some of the people staying at the caravan park.

Longreach has heaps of shops for a small town, along with a couple of pubs. The main street is worth a walk down. Longreach is the location of the Qantas museum. A museum dedicated to marketing Qantas – I was thinking maybe it would be free entry. How wrong I was. It’s $21 to look at some information displays about Qantas or $60 if you also want to go on the Boeing 747  and 707 jets parked at the front of the museum. Crikey stuff in Australia is expensive.

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