Return to Bangkok

Being dedicated environmentalists, we decided to take the train from Chiang Mai to southern Thailand. Per passenger kilometer it uses much less fuel and releases much less carbon compared to flying. Also it’s much cheaper but that didn’t factor into our decision. Maintaining the environment is priceless, especially if it’s cheap and comfortable. We got a sleeper train to Bangkok and another sleeper train to Krabi. The first train was a new carriage with very comfortable,  roomy, private sleeping bunks, much surpassing our expectations. In Bangkok we arrived in the morning and had the day to roam around until the next train in the evening. We walked to down town Bangkok, had some food and checked out the national museum. There is so much information at the museum that it’s impossible to digest – so many kingdoms, so many wars, so many kings recognized for one thing or another, so many struggles that the people have endured.

It seems that Venus De Milo may not be as unique as she first appears. Apparently the most likely damage to any ancient statue is the arms breaking off. I could fashion an entire photographic album of armless statues from Thailand alone, let alone the rest of the world. A few I’ve attached to this post for your artistic viewing pleasure. Note how the broken off arms are a metaphor to the graceful yet fragile beauty of mankind.

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