Ko Lanta, Thailand

What a relief it was to arrive at Ko Lanta after a night at Ko Phi Phi. Ko Lanta is beautiful – what we imagined a Thai island to be. It’s a big island so it has everything on it – busy bars for partying, busy beaches lined with bars and restaurants, quiet bars, fancy restaurants, romantic restaurants, secluded beaches, local villages and some sea gypsie villages too. Some of the bars also sell special brownies and happy shakes so Ko Lanta really is a complete package. Being a big island means hiring a scooter is almost mandatory – cost is around $8 a day.

We stayed in Ko Lanta for 5 nights in a $13 a night bamboo bungalow.  It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re doing bugger all. We explored the island on our scooter, went to various bars, restaurants,  beaches, sampled plenty of cocktails on the beach and went swimming. That’s pretty much it. Before we knew it we’d been there 5 days and our Thai visa had almost expired. No time to check out any of the other islands – off to Cambodia before we get arrested for overstaying our visa!

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  1. Sounds awesome mate! Steve is in Cambodia next Friday if you’re looking for someone that can speak English to have a beer with.

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