Nha Trang, Vietnam

On the way to Nha Trang we got confirmation of Joe’s job back in Australia so Nha Trang would be our final destination together on our south east Asia trip, about 5 weeks earlier than anticipated. So we decided to mostly relax, have some nice food and swim at the beach rather than do some of the other touristy stuff available in Nha Trang. There’s the usual temples and historic type stuff in the region, the resort island and waterpark of Vinpearl accessed by cable car and there’s some water activities like paragliding, scuba diving, etc. Also there’s heaps of bars and restaurants. So plenty of things for tourists to do in Nha Trang but we didn’t do much of it.

The beach and waterfront is really nice in Nha Trang. Set in a beautiful bay with clean white sand, lined with well maintained gardens and lawn and some beachfront bars and resorts. The water isn’t the cleanest and there’s a bit of rubbish floating through. Didn’t stop us enjoying a swim.

We found a really nice Japanese restaurant with some delicious salmon sashimi, very cheap by Australian standards. We ended up going there twice and gorging ourselves on raw salmon. Usually sashimi is a delicacy eaten as a starter but we had it as entree, mains and dessert.

We went to a bar where a band was playing. We were talking to someone at the bar and he asked us if there’s an Australian song that we’d like the band to play. We weren’t really sure what songs were on the band’s repertoire, the fellow said the band can play any song in the world. Joe was thinking Jebediah, something from their first album. The guy at the bar ended up suggesting “land down under.” We said yeah no worries play that. Actually he didn’t just mean for the band to play the song, but for us to sing it! The band called us up to sing but we had to bail out because we didn’t know the words.

From Nha Trang Joe headed back to Ho Chi Minh on the train to catch his flight back to Perth. Sharni headed north towards Hue to continue the trip by herself. So that’s it for Joe’s fun in south east Asia. Time to get back to work and save some money to fund the rest of our trip around oz.

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