a camping trip of ridiculous proportions

Getting Ready


We’re back in Brisbane where we’ve dragged the Hilux out from 7 months of hibernation in Phil’s garage. We call Phil’s house “base camp” now because it is the staging point for many of our holidays. Thanks Phil for looking after the Hilux and having us stay! We’ve already cleaned off the gecko sh!t and charged the batteries and we’re now busy packing in preparation for our trip up North Queensland. Needless to say we’re excited about getting back on the road!


Author: outbackjoe

a camping trip of ridiculous proportions

7 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. Those geckos are friendly little blighters, but they do relieve themselves all over the place. Have a good trip, Joe, sadly we’re headin’ south after nearly two months.

  2. I’ll keep an eye out for a WA hilux on my way south from here at Mission Beach ! Have a good trip

    • Matt how r ya mate we r at airlie beach in whitsundays region awesome beach, world class tourist destination, perfect weather. Where r u? Port headland? That job I wouldn’t get coz I couldn’t be assed with the lame videos about how crap I am!

  3. Hey mate, Yeah I’m good buddy.. 8 days to go then holiday mode!!!!! airlie beach nice one!!!! take care and travel safe 🙂

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