Mutee Head, Cape York Peninsular

Mutee Head is a rocky headland and beach to the west of the tip of Cape York. We stayed there for a couple of nights to do some fishing. Joe walked up the beach to look for the elusive black lip oyster but could find only some small ones. He broke one open for a taste test but they were pretty small so better to let them grow up. Fishing later Joe caught some baitfish, a bream, a huge blowfish and at night hooked up to something massive but it broke off. Probably a shark. It was exciting fishing from the beach at night and seeing the glowing eyes of crocodiles illuminated by a torch as they drifted down the beach. Sharni went for a walk up the beach and bumped into some locals who were foraging for turtle eggs. It was interesting to learn about how they find the turtle eggs and eat them. They told us the crocodiles come from the Jardine River and swim up and down the shore looking for turtles that come to the beach to lay eggs. Usually crocodiles don’t hunt from an open beach so most of the time you are safe fishing from a beach but these crocs were looking for some tasty beach front snacks. Needless to say we stood a fair way up the beach away from the water when fishing at night.

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