The Tip of Cape York, Queensland

We made it! The northernmost point of the Australian mainland. And we snuck in for a photo just before the hoards of elderly rocked up by the bus load. They come in every day on these big 4WD trucks converted into coaches. It’s a 15 minute walk over the rocky outcrop to the tip and it was interesting watching the elderly make their way very slowly over the uneven track to the tip and thinking about how that will be us one day.

The location around the tip is just another rocky outcrop in Cape York with a couple of islands close to shore and then views across the Torres Straight. But it was satisfying to make it all the way by ourselves and take the photo with the famous sign.

A chap told us we could drive west along the beach from the carpark at the tip to a creek for some camping and fishing. The tide was too high to drive along the beach so we explored the area looking for any other tracks that may lead up the beach. At the same time we checked out Pajinka Resort – an abandoned resort that used to operate many years ago as the most northern accommodation in Australia. Not having found any tracks to the western side of the tip, we headed back to the carpark to see if the tide had changed much. The same group of elderly were still making their way down the rocks. The tide was still high and the beach a bit muddy so we gave up on that camping spot and headed out towards another camping area called Somerset. On the way we stopped in at the Croc Tent, a tourist shop near the tip of Cape York.

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