Thursday Island, Torres Straight

Joe needed many beers to fuel the energy he needed as he struggled with the fire, continuously tending to it and splitting wet wood with his knife to get it to burn whilst cooking roast beef at Somerset. It must be something in the air, but when camping out in the bush, even after dozens of beers, as the sun rises you awaken and feel like a million dollars and you’re ready to go. We quickly flipped over the roof top tent and hit the road. We needed to get to the Seisia jetty in time to book the 8am Ferry and jump on for the voyage to Thursday Island. We were an hour early. Too easy.

Thursday Island is that administrative center of the Torres Straight Islands and it’s awesome. Being a remote island community makes it feel like you’re in another country. The natural beauty is tremendous, the tropical turquoise water looks amazing, the township has a great relaxed atmosphere, there’s plenty of shops and pubs and the locals are super friendly. We walked around town, checked out the cultural center, walked up the hill to the museum and WW2 relics, then back into town to have lunch at a pub. Crayfish is a significant industry on Thursday Island and Sharni loves crayfish so she bought herself a raw painted crayfish tail and chucked it in her handbag to carry back to the mainland and cook some time later. Time flew and before we knew it we had to head to the jetty to catch the return ferry back to the Australian mainland. We could have stayed many days on Thursday Island. One day wasn’t enough. We’d like to return if we ever get the chance.

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