Claude Wharton Weir

Leaving Banana, Joe picked a camping spot a comfortable day’s drive south where he could do some fishing. Claude Wharton Weir, near Gayndah, was the campsite of choice. It’s free too. To no surprise Joe caught several catfish (again). Just getting the experience needed before starting up his commercial catfish business. Such is the reliability in which he can catch these buggers. Fishing into the night saw two turtles and a huge eel landed. Asking a chap camping nearby whether eels were good to eat, he said “not unless you’re Chinese.” Not being Chinese, the eel was chucked back along with the turtles and catfish. The eel violently twisted like a corkscrew to try to escape the hookup and caused a big birds nest in the line. A bad tangle in the dark is enough to demotivate any fisherman. Even a great one like Joe. Time for bed. Next morning heading out towards Noosa Heads we passed by the big orange and stopped for some happy snaps.

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