Hilux Set Up

Tyre Review and Time to Camp

Greetings Amigos. It’s been so long since any camping or fishing or outback type shenanigans that it’s quite sad. Not to worry – next week there’s a planned camping mission in the works. Lately the poor hilux has been used for such mundane tasks as commuting to work and shopping. I’ll make up for it by putting a few extra scratches on it next week. Keep an eye out for reports of fish extinctions as we devestate fish populations from beaches north of perth. In the mean time a cooped up city lifestyle has given me pale white skin and time to write a review on our tyres. Check it out here:


dueler D694 old telegraph track cape york

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    • Hey Ern I thought chump was like an American version of “mate” or something. I checked the internet and now I understand. Thanks for the heads up.

      You put your phone number in your comment. You don’t want to be doing that. Not with the vast quantities of young attractive chumpettes that frequent this site!

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