‘leaking outback accessories fuel tank’

leaking outback accessories fuel tank

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  1. I had the same problem with a leaking Outback Accessories (Jandakot, WA) 117Ltr long range fuel tank. Was fitted in June 2013 and started to weep and leak in straight lines on the bottom and then side of the tank, starting in first in 2017 – only 4 years after fitting!, but outside of warranty. When I removed the tank, I could see through the pump stem hole that it was corroding where the internal swirl plates (if that is the right description) were welded to the inside bottom and wall of the tank. It was obviously a raw material or manufacturing quality issue as the root cause. However, I initially approached and visited Outback Accessories and talked to the General Manager and Engineer, and they inspected the tank condition. They denied that if could be a raw material or manufacturing issue and advised me that I must have used too much additives in the fuel. I told them that I only ever used fuel injector cleaner at the correct mixing ration, and then only on a long trip where I used the full tank of fuel in 1-2 days. They then suggested it could be static electricity in the chassis, concentrating in that location causing excessive corrosion. I asked two autoelectricians I have used for my and my wife’s car for starter motors and alternators, who advised they have never heard of such a thing in all their experiences. Outback Accessories were only prepared to give me a $120 discount on a new tank, but were not open to fitting a replacement tank for free even if I was to purchase another tank.
    In the end, I decided to purchase a brand new tank from Brown & Davis and fit it myself instead, as Outback Accessories denial that it was a raw material or manufacturing fault did not give me confidence in their product and brand. They obviously did not wish to learn from customer experience or back their brand – they appear to be in playing the short game for short term profit and increasing profit margin at the expense by reducing product quality and workmanship.
    My advise is buyer beware and steer clear of Outback Accessories products. Also, be aware that Opposite Lock WA will quote an Outback Accessories fuel or water tank before other manufacturers, so make your inquiries as to the brand being offered.

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