Hilux Set Up

Fridge/freezer No.1 installed & toiletsssssssssss

The big WAECO fridge has now been installed in the back. All Joe has to do now is find somewhere in the back to mount the power switches so we can turn it on. We also have a smaller WAECO  fridge that will sit in the middle of the back seat.

If you look at the photos below you will notice the portable toilet behind the fridge. Seeing the position of the toilet makes me nervous. For those of you that know me well know about my toileting issues. I usually can only properly go to the toilet at home so this will be my biggest challenge while on the road. The thought of having to use a portable loo freaks me out enough but knowing I (Joe) have to lift the portable toilet in and out of the car every time is giving me nightmares!!!!!!!!!! I think I may need counselling…

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