Preparing and Packing

My girl stuff solution = ZUCA

Have a look at my bathroom set-up for the trip! I was searching for a while last year for a way to cram, organise and travel with all of my hair, body and make-up ‘stuff’. Luckily I found an american ice-skating brand called Zuca who sell all kinds of accessories for competition figure skating. They have this marvellous back-pack that has a pouch for your GHD, and compartments for your hair dryer, brushes, clips, hair ties and all those little fiddly things. They also have make-up cases that fit perfectly on top of each other inside the backpack. The plastic cover also lets you see what is inside. The backpack comes with two standard cases but I ordered an extra three. Even though I can only fit three into the backpack. I will use the other two for our first aid kit and the other to keep all my little electronic equipment like my kindle, wiki reader, lumix waterproof cameras, pedometer, charges and usb cords.

The best thing about my Zuca backpack is that it is exactly that….a backpack. When i’m slumming it in the bush I can just pop the bag on my back as most make-up cases are solid box style cases. Zuca products can be found at

On our way…


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