a camping trip of ridiculous proportions

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Tight Racks

After re-positioning and re-tightening around 4 times on our tour so far, the clamp on Rhino racks have been relieved of their duties. The clamp on system does not tolerature corrugations and off-roading. They move around and have damaged my door seals and door frames.

I can say for sure that the racks didn’t move due to not being bolted tight enough. I made sure of that last time I re-tightened. Today I chewed out one of the bolt heads trying to undo it. A chisel came in handy to smash the bolt loose.

Replacement track mounted racks are on their way. In the post. The new ones screw into the roof. For my next task I have the pleasure of drilling holes in the roof of the car.


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New Route Map! Check it out.

Have a look at where we’ve been with the route map. Click on the tab above or just click here. Doesn’t look like we’ve explored much when it’s put on the map. Took a lot longer to drive then it did to draw. This country is vast. We might need 20 years to complete our trip.


Surprise Farewell Party

A friend of ours Ellen asked Joe & I if we were available to go on a boat cruise with her and a friend. We said yes and didn’t ask many questions. Ellen invited us weeks ago and I said we could go as long as we were still in Perth by then. On Saturday afternoon Ellen picked us up from our house and we went to her house for a couple of pre-drinks. We were under the impression that we were taking a taxi to The Oxford Hotel to meet up with the rest of the boat people. After meeting there was supposed to be a bus charter taking us to the bell tower to board the boat. WELL when we arrived at The Oxford Ellen handed us Australia theme hats and wrist bands and told us the cruise was a dress up theme. I was like “Ellen, you didn’t tell me it was a dress-up!!!!!”. We then proceeded to walk through the hotel to the stairs that take you to the ‘den’ underground area. Then I spotted a friend of ours Andrew in the crowd of people gathered in the ‘Den’. I said to Joe “Oh look there is Andrew!”, then I spotted our friend Kylie…before Joe & I could process what was  happening everyone shouted “SURPRISE”!

What a surprise. Ellen with the help of Lydia, Kathryn & Jen had organised a surprise farewell with all our family and friends. We thought we were going on a BOAT CRUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!! To make it even better they had decorated the area with Australian themed decorations. Being naturally nosey I am still in shock that EVERYONE managed to keep the party a secret from Joe & I (especially from me). Thank you to everyone who came and a big thank you to Ellen for going to all that effort for us. We really appreciate it.

aussie farewell cake