Hilux Set Up

The never ending ‘To Do List’!

I think I was in lala land thinking we would be starting our adventure this coming Wednesday! Joe still needs to do the following to the car…

Joe- incomplete hilux jobs:

  • install new canopy roof racks (to support roof top tent)
  • mount the side annex
  • install solar regulator
  • complete solar panel skid
  • mount solar panels
  • vacuum/wash/protect body of the hilux
  • figure best way to handle our rubbish/decide on bin/way of installing
  • work out how to store/carry gas bottle
  • apply lanolin to wells in front door
  • apply protective coating to the plastic interior of car
  • protect fuel tank
  • fit air filter
  • rubber strips to protect tray from dust
  • install snorkel (Joe keeps on insisting he do this himself, the thought of Joe drilling a giant hole in the body of the hilux makes me very nervous)
  • oil storage drawers
  • Spend a few days with his mate Mark (awesome auto electrician) installing/modifying the electrics including; lighting, new GPS/DVD/TV/radio/stereo system, switches, power, wiring solar panels and dual battery.

More stuff unrelated to the car but for our trip:

  • configure both our new laptops
  • pack electronics, laptops, batteries, lights, cameras

THENNNNNNNNNNNN there is all the loose ends to tie up regarding our house.

Can’t wait to get out of P E R T H 🙂

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