Hilux Camp Clothes and Laundry Setup

last updated 21/03/2015

As we have limited space in the Hilux we wanted to find a clothes storage and laundry setup that was convenient, practical and compact for touring and camping around the Australian outback. After some research and trial and error on the road camping the system we have is working well for us. Hopefully it gives you some ideas for your touring and camping setup.

Denali 100 Litre transit duffel bag – this is our main clothes storage. It’s big and tough and not rigid so can be crammed into an overloaded Hilux set up for touring and camping around Australia. Holds all our clothes, except for two super sized fishing jackets that would take up too much room – they get shoved in the tray behind the drawers.

denali 100L transit duffle bag for 4WD touring

Kathmandu Storage Cells – these separate our clothes in the duffel bag. One for t-shirts, one for undies, etc. Makes it easier to find what you need and keeps it tidy. Initially we didn’t have them and clothes would end up being thrown around everywhere when searching for something.

Kathmandu storage cells

Kathmandu Clothes Sack – a lightweight bag to chuck our dirty socks and undies into whilst on the road.

Kathmandu Laundry Sack

Ezyline – a pegless clothes line that folds up and can be put in a small pouch bag. We find it is easy to setup at any camp spot with or without trees as we usually rig it up from our roof top tent. We only purchased 2 Ezylines therefore at times our laundry load is too large for our Ezylines. Another couple of sets would be nice. When the line is tight there is a little bit of flex in the plastic joins. It looks a bit vulnerable but has lasted so far for 6 months and still going strong.

Pegs – 48 pack. We did not originally have pegs but found some caravan parks only allow you to use their clotheslines and not put up your own for ‘safety reasons’. So we had to purchase a pack of pegs. They don’t take up much room and have come in handy.

Sea to Summit Laundry Bag – a compact lightweight solution for our socks, underwear and hats organisation. We use it to store our more commonly accessed clothing. It stays out of our main duffel bag, easily accessed at any time.

Popup Spring PVC Laundry Bin – compresses into a flat disc. We purchased this from BCF in Albany as our original setup for transporting washing to and from laundromats we bought from Bunnings and wasn’t strong enough and tedious to pack away. This laundry bin is strong, takes seconds to setup and lies flat on top of everything in one of the canopy draws.

Stash canister stackable cube – used to house our laundry powder. They are sturdy acrylic with a rubber seal on the lid which holds the lid securely down. Being square, it maximizes space and stacks nicely. We have more of these that we use for tea and sugar. They sit very well in our drawers. We got them from Freedom Furniture.

stash canister stackable cube laundry

Zuca Bag – this is not clothes but it’s related, since most of the stuff in the duffel bag is Sharni’s clothes which comes under the umbrella of girls stuff. The Zuca bag is a bathroom cupboard replacement system. It’s a backpack with storage cells and compartments to store cosmetics, moisturizers, hair products, face products, hair dryer, hair straightener, washing products, shaving products, hair clips and everything else that a girl takes when camping or touring around Australia. Joe also stores two items in the Zuca – a bar of soap and his shaver. It provides a neat, accessible and transportable solution. Packed up, it’s a back pack, so can be taken easily into caravan park showers, into a hotel room, or wherever else you may want to take it. The cells have a clear top so it’s easy to see what is stored within.

Zuca backpack

zuca backpack open

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