Our Hilux Setup

Here you will find information about the setup of our vehicle for camping, 4WDing and long term living for touring around Australia. Our touring vehicle is a Toyota Hilux 2007 SR5 dual cab manual 3L turbo diesel D4D. To see why we chose this vehicle, click here.

After Market Add-ons and other Camping / Touring Stuff

Clothes and Laundry Setup

Cooking and Kitchen Setup

Our Fishing Setup for Touring / Camping

Our Electronic Gadgets for Touring and Camping

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  1. Hi Joe. Is that a fibreglass canopy? If it is, I am glad to see it can take the weight of the roof-top tent!

    • Hey Johan yes it’s fiberglass but it doesn’t take the weight of the roof top tent. There is internal bars that penetrate through the canopy to support the roof top tent. Check out my article on canopy roof racks.

  2. Hey Joe, I am thinking about installing a long rang fuel tank in my Hilux. The upside being greater flexibility in where to purchase fuel and greater range. The downside being slightly less clearance and driving about with a perpetually half full tank when not using the Hilux on long range camping trips. I have looked through your site and you don’t mention anything about long range tanks. What are your thoughts on their value?

  3. Hi Joe,

    Really enjoyed your articles on performance upgrades and exhausts. Good to have solid facts behind these things. I was wondering what your thoughts were on engine longevity mods such a pre-filter kits etc for newer common rails. Worth it or better just to keep up with regular maintenance? I have a catch can and have been glad to have it after seeing some of the crap thats been caught in it.

    • Hey Charles I don’t have an extra fuel filter. Extra filtering must put more stress on the pump, so that’s a negative. Also the filter costs money which is another negative. Could it help protect fuel system? Maybe I dunno. More filtering might help in rare cases but the manufacturer isn’t going to leave easy gains to be made from something as simple as extra filtering. If they thought insufficient filtering was contributing to excessive failures then they’d put more filtering in. So I think the benefit is marginal but really I don’t know.

      I’ve got a catch can but even that isn’t all beer and skittles. It increases crankcase pressure and if not drained could cause engine to blow seals. Or even something could break free from it and get sucked into engine. Everything has pros and cons.

  4. Hi Joe, what are your thoughts on torque converter lock up kits ? I’m told by the manufacturer/ installer best thing since sliced bread .
    Cheers Russ

    • Hi Russell I’ve never looked into it I’ve only ever had manual transmissions. But I’m fairly certain nearly every modern auto has lock up straight out of the factory?

  5. Hi outback joe I just want to tell you your expertise is very much appreciated I am in the process of buying a new 2019 Hilux extra cab and have been contemplating over what conceivable extra I can afford and what I really need. After reading your most informative articles on what’s best or not best on after market 4wd add ons marketed by unqualified sales people I have just crossed of %90 of my wish list. My wish list is as follows ( fyrlyt luxsis 5000 spot lights got them already 40mm lift kit Bilstein B60 shocks king coil overs 500kg rear springs not sure if overdoing it but I’m a tradie and carry a lot of weight black duck elements seat covers arb summit bull bar bushranger 5.5 single row led bar my reverse light Bocar delux Ute tray tow bar windshields tripple locking aluminium trundle tray steel roh rims 17 BF Goodrich tyres Lt arb hi output on board air compressor maybe 9500 winch gme XRStm radio arb bash plates raptor rustproof paint few tow points may add a few things later when finished will post photo I forgot to add I used to have a 1992 Hilux duel cab 230thouklms towed a 19ft boat every weekend up and down the coast I changed oil every 5000klms washed out my air filter every 3 months replaced every 50000klms never changed my fuel filter just emptied the water out of the bowl primmed it 1 clutch & it didn’t miss a beat yes I did look after it owned it for 15years and it was stock other than after market shocks will treat my new one the same but will replace fuel filter as recommended by Toyota once again thx for your information cheers josh

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