South West Region, Western Australia

Catching up with Family in Albany

It started raining the last couple of days we were at Shelley Beach, West Cape Howe National Park. So we decided to move on and make the half hour trip to Albany Sunday afternoon to visit Sharni’s Aunty Barb and cousins Tracey, Bob, Micah and Denver. The last time we visited was way back in 2003. Where does time go?

We haven’t done too much touristy stuff while here because we have done it all before and Sharni visited here a few times growing up as well. We have just been relaxing and enjoying Aunty Barb’s stories. We are waiting for our replacement Kindle to arrive from Amazon (the screen broke while camping). As soon as the kindle arrives we plan to camp in The Stirling Ranges and climb Bluff Knoll. Bluff Knoll is the highest mountain in the South West of Western Australia. Hopefully we can leave Albany and find a camp spot before Friday as this weekend is a long weekend. We expect it will be busy and full of families camping for the long weekend.

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