South West Region, Western Australia

Climbing Mt Hassell, Stirling Range National Park

The day after climbing Bluff Knoll we climbed Mount Hassell, still in the Stirling Ranges, which is half the length of the Bluff Knoll walk and 200m less in height. The track was mainly  loose rocks, scree, and some large boulders that required scrambling over, more difficult than Bluff Knoll with its well formed track and big cut out steps. It helps to pay attention while working your way up the track because it is easy to go off track like we did! As we were approaching the last section of the climb to reach the top Sharni was ambushed and ATTACKED by a bee and stung. With all the stress and commotion caused by the great bee attack we failed to see the next marker indicating the path. We veered off course and only realised after we started having climb up cliff faces that would usually require a harness or some sort of professional climbing gear. Luckily, after some Bear Grylls style manouvering up some cliffs and rocks we managed to find the track again just before we reached the top. Success, though the rest of Sharni’s journey was tainted by the sound of buzzing bees taunting her all the way down back to the car.

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