South West Region, Western Australia

Roughing it, dune camping, Fitzgerald National Park

We have just spend our first night dune beach camping in Fitzgerald National Park near the mouth of Gordon Inlet at Tooregullup Beach. The unsealed 20km dirt road took almost 2 hours to drive to our camping spot. It is extremely corrugated, bumpy and poorly maintained. Everything attached to the Hilux moved a few centimeters during the ride. Two bolts on the roof racks were even shaken lose! Probably needed to let down the tyre pressure a bit more. Once nearing the beach the track becomes very sandy and required low pressure anyway.

Seeing the carcass of what looked like an emu (dunno, you decide?) and a thin long snake at least made the journey a little more interesting.

Joe reckons that camping doesn’t get much rougher than this…sleeping only a few meters from the great Southern Ocean which is treacherous and unpredictable, no toilets or shade and completely away from civilisation. I don’t mind a rough camp every now and again but I definately could NOT do this sort of camp a few weeks in a row. Joe is busy keeping an eye out for salmon schools. None to be found. Perhaps the rumours of the water temperature being too high or too low or too medium are correct. With no salmon in sight we headed to Quaalup Homestead, also in Fitzgerald National Park.

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