South West Region, Western Australia

Quaalup Homestead, Fitzgerald River National Park

After spending two nights camping in the dunes we decided to move on to Quaalup Homestead in the middle of the Fitzgerald River National Park with the promise of a hot shower. Quaalup has a very basic caravan & camping site with limited power (solar) and water supply. The showers use bore water which is quite salty. Drinking water is only found in rain water collection tanks so is in limited quantities. The historic homestead is a beautiful building (which we forgot to take a photo of), restored and made available to relax in with some tea and cake homemade by the owners. When the weather got bad we went into the homestead for more cake and watched a movie on our laptop. There is marginal mobile phone reception in the area, comes and goes depending on where you are. We went for a couple of ‘nature’ walks where you can see various native Australian plants. The area is extremely diverse in plant life, many highly specialized and uniquely suited to the arid conditions. The highlight of our stay were the little Joeys that were bouncing around our campsite, very cute!

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