South West Region, Western Australia


washing dishes in thermomix

A lovely snap of Joe washing the dishes using the thermomix. He loves it!

Arrived in Hopetoun yesterday after we left Esperance on Friday to camp at Point Ann in the Fitzgerald River National Park. We planned to camp there the whole weekend but I came down with a tummy bug which is not fun when you’re in the middle of the bush.

After one night (Friday) at Point Ann we moved on through Ravensthorpe to Hopetoun to stay at a caravan park with showers and toilets that flush! Which are much appreciated when you can’t keep any food or water down.Woke up today feeling much better.

Hopetoun is a nice place. It’s well kept, neat, has a nice pub, a few walking tracks, nice beach and a bit of history with an old railway line and station. We went for lunch at the pub and a couple of drinks.

We will stay here at least one more night and then visit Ravensthorpe before going back to Esperance on Wednesday for a weeks teaching work.

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