Western Australia

Munglinup Beach

munglinup beach

Spending a couple of nights camping at Munglinup Beach 100 km from Esperance. Nice beach, clean campsite and good reef for snorkelling and fishing. Camp site is accessed on a pretty good dirt road suitable for 2WD vehicles and caravans. At the top of the sand dune near camp there’s telstra next G reception, which is handy for both staying in contact and doing exercise. No reception from the carpark, even with the external aerial, so if you want reception you need to treck up the dune. There’s cold showers and running water at the camp, no potable water though. We met a Munglinup Beach regular who goes spear fishing every morning and brings back one fish for dinner. Not a bad lifestyle. I’m to chicken to go snorkelling deep into a reef in Southern Western Australia – scared of sharks.

Exciting news Joe caught a cuttlefish off the Hopetoun Jetty last night before we headed to Munglinup this morning. Will post some pictures when we are somewhere with better reception!

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  1. Neon walks into a bar…

    The bartender tells him to get fuct.

    Neon doesn’t react.

  2. keep the cuttlefish bone. i heard it’s good for your bill and claws should they be overgrown.

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