Western Australia

Skippy Rock, Stokes National Park, Western Australia AND RATS

After spending two nights camping at Munglinup Beach we spent Wednesday and Thursday night at Skippy Rock which is a beach campsite in the Stokes National Park. On our first night I stupidly left the tail gate open before turning in for the night. We were woken up around midnight to the sound of banging and rattling around in the back of the ute. Joe being the man that he is went to investigate and discovered two big rats and a mouse yahooing and having a big party in the back of our ute…yes the place we store all our cooking implements and food!!!!!!!!!

With so many hiding spots in the tray it was not possible to get them out so we took all the food out and shoved it in the front of the Hilux  and left the tail gate open over night hoping that they would vacate by morning HA HA HA HA To confirm that our adopted rat pack had left the building we left out a SAO smothered with peanut butter before we went for a morning stroll along the beach…unfortunately when we returned the cracker has been tampered with. We ended up leaving Skippy Rock with all our food dodgily crammed into the front cab and a some hitchhikers in the back.

Apart from the rats saga we managed to go for a few walks and do some relaxing. The beaches around Skippy Rock campsite are quite scenic, interspersed with rocky areas and bays, with stairs and tracks descending down to the various beaches. Good for walking, and there’s also a couple of beaches popular with surfing. Didn’t do any fishing as there was a fair bit of weed about. This part of Stocks National Park as accessible only by 4WD. The access track wasn’t too extreme, sandy but easy. Facilities include long drop toilets, gas bbqs and picnic tables.

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