South West Region, Western Australia

Rat Update

Careful analysis of the droppings left in the ute indicate the big rats have departed but the little guy has taken up residence. No more big rat sized turds laying around, only cute little mouse ones. We’ve named our new pet Damien after satan incarnate, for the pain and suffering he has caused. We left Skippy Rock for Esperance where we bought some mouse traps and set them up with peanut butter as bait. So far the bait is untouched. We think Damien may have gorged himself on the cracker and does not require any food for some time. Perhaps he has run away, we don’t know. Next step rat poison.


Toilet paper savaged by Damien, we suspect for harvesting materials to construct his castle in the back of the hilux, seen here presented on Sharni’s hand.

Damiens Nest

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