Cuttlefish Caught!

This is the cuttlefish Joe caught off the Hopetoun Jetty using a squid jig. Joe found it difficult to lift up onto the jetty because of its weight. They really are ugly things aren’t they? At least I didn’t have to touch it until it was cleaned, cut and cooked up ready to eat.

The next day we had lunch at the pub at Hopetoun and went for a walk through the town. It’s an attractive town, nice parks and buildings, clean. We went for a historic walk that followed the old railway track past some relics and information plaques, we proceeded to get lost and followed some 4WD tracks / fire breaks out to the main road and back into town. Then we drove out to the east side of Fitzgerald National Park but the road was closed due to road works.

Joe cleaned the cuttlefish first and froze it overnight. One of the ugliest, slimiest things he’s ever handled he reckons. The next day he cooked it up with some olive oil and chilli once we set up camp at Munglinup Beach. Tastes like squid.

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