Western Australia

The drive out of Cape Arid National Park and across Balladonia Road and the UNDIES GATE!

The track out from Mt Ragged and Cape Arid National Park onto Balladonia Road was 60km of grueling corrugations, mud holes and rocky outcrops. To put that into perspective it took us almost 4 hours to drive to the end of the 60km track. We thought that once we left Gora Track and reached Balladonia Road it would be smooth driving but no such luck. We had to drive another 70km of shocking, badly corrugated, rocky road until we reached Balladonia Roadhouse along the Eyre Hwy a few hours later. It was well worth the punishing drive just to experience THE GATE! The gate is about mid way on the 70km road with no signage as to its history and purpose. I won’t go into further detail as our photos will explain why it was so entertaining (Lydia, have a look and see if you spot anything familiar stuck on the gate).

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