South Australia

Our second, third, fourth and fifth stop along the Nullarbor – Caguina, Cocklebiddy, Madura, & Mundrabilla, Western Australia

You could easily drive from Balladonia to the border of South Australia without stopping as it is only 500km but Joe and I are very excited to be experiencing the Nullarbor and want to stop at every lookout and roadhouse. We stopped at every single one to make a purchase on our way to the 24 hour rest stop 35km past Mundrabilla where we camped for the night before taking off for Eucla and the border into South Australia this morning.
The Caguina Roadhouse had a golfing green that is part of the Nullarbor Link Golf Course – the biggest gold course in the world. We had a look at the Caguina Blow Hole that is alongside Eyre Hwy. Next, we stopped for lunch at the Cocklebiddy Roadhouse and Joe ordered a steak sandwich to include in his steak sandwich review page. We had a chat with a truck driver who helped us test our CB radio. The next stop was Madura which had a lookout with a great view of the Madura Pass along the Nullarbor. We popped some diesel in the hilux at the Madura Roadhouse. Finally, the last official stop for the day before driving to our camp for the night was Mundrabilla Roadhouse. Here we caught up with our CB radio truck driver friend and shared a beer at the pub.  We had a chat with the Mundrabilla Roadhouse maintenance man who gets around in a fabulous ‘Back to the Future meets Waterworld’ type van that he and our CB radio truck driver friend built from a van that had rolled, old scrap metal and various parts from wrecked cars scattered along the Nullarbor. What a vehicle!

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  1. Horrible experience loud obnoxious drunken staff extremely unhelpful boss aswell as when I had stayed the night the staff members were drunk and having a party , then one of the managers was drunk and she was being aggressive and threatning towards this nice young couple that worked there as they were on the pay phone she was screaming and yell at them for no reason after paying $120 for the night I then asked for a refund and was denied I said that was unreasonable the boss then said I could have $40 refund I took my money and left never ever again woooorst experience ever !!!!!!!

    • Hey Saz which town was that in? I agree it is overly expensive for a proper room in these remote towns, especially since the rooms are usually old dongas in poor condition. You wouldn’t stay there if you’re after world class service and quality. Noise and drunken behaviour are probably the norm!

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