South Australia

Our sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and final stop along the Nullarbor, South Australia

Yesterday we crossed the border into South Australia. We stopped at Ecula for a shower and a bite to eat before we left WA. While we were there we checked out the old Ecula Telegraph Station ruins that are almost covered by sand dunes and the local museum.

Keeping with our theme of trying to stop at every roadhouse along the Nullarbor we briefly visited Nullarbor, Nundroo and Penong. Inbetween Nullabor and Nundroo we dropped in to  ‘The Head of the Bight’ along The Great Australian Bight. It was a busy with $5 entry per person to access the bight with long timber walkways. It was worth the entry fee because the views were amazing. From June – October whales come and give birth there shame our timing wasn’t quite right.

Our last stop was Ceduna where we spent the night. Today we are going to explore Ceduna before setting off north on the Googs Track to Coober Pedy. The Googs Track is a little used inland desert track that’s sure to test our patience.

We thought we weren’t allowed to take honey across the border and Joe didn’t like the thought of wasting precious food resources so he tried to consume as much of the honey as he could before throwing it out. Turns out it was all for nothing because we could’ve taken the honey into South Australia anyway, it is only restricted in certain areas!

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