Oolloo Crossing, Northern Territory

A quick overnight camp at Oolloo crossing in the Douglas / Daly conservation area proved to be the most expensive day of fishing yet, with the loss of 5 lures in quick succession and without a single barra hookup. A chap fishing there reckoned he hooked up on a big barra the night before, but it broke off and he failed to land it. Bush camping here, no facilities, just some clearings by the Daly River. Access is a well maintained gravel road from the Stuart Highway up to the final few hundred meters before the Oolloo crossing camp, which becomes pretty rough but probably ok for a 2WD, at least in the dry. There must have been a building there when the crossing was in use as there are remnants of a concrete pad and toilet. Would be interesting to find out the history. I’ve read some articles about launching boats at Oolloo. Risky I reckon, the banks are very steep and rutted, wouldn’t take me car down there even without a trailer. That night we cooked up a thick juicy steak on the camp fire. Simple and delicious.

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