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Douglas Hot Springs, Douglas / Daly Conservation Area, Northern Territory

After Oolloo Crossing we headed back towards Stuart Highway and hit up the Douglas Hot Springs. Again the gravel road is well maintained and smooth sailing. The camp area by the hot springs is very busy and has good facilities. The hot springs are very hot at their source, over 60 deg C. As it mixes with the cold water of the Douglas River it makes for an interesting frolick in the water as the temperature wildy fluctuates from the swirling currents mixing randomly. There is one deep hot pool at around 40 deg C that makes for a pleasant spa bath. Don’t stay in too long though, as it doesn’t take long to start overheating. There’s plenty of area to explore with the Douglas River running nearby. Most of the rest of the springs are quite shallow. We stayed two nights here to give us a full day lazing around the hot springs. Camp oven roast chicken cookup by Sharni was delicious as usual. Why camp oven roasts are so good and offer such a unique flavour no one knows, but we love them. Another first class roast dished up at Douglas Hot Springs.

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