Hong and Joe together again – the Big F###-off Camp V2

Hong is flying up to Darwin this weekend to join Joe in an epic 2 week fishing adventure across the top end of the northern territory – the BFC V2. Be prepared for barramundi facing potential extinction as we dominate the waters of northern Australia, most likely landing record breaking barra in ridiculous quantities. Keep an eye out for photographic evidence.

A Brief History of the BFC: over the summer of 2006 Hong and Joe embarked on a two week camping mission in the Suzuki Sierra from Perth up to Carnarvon and Gnarloo region. Up against terrible misfortune including oppressive 40+ deg C heat, relentless gale force winds, a fridge that heated instead of cooled, several kilos of spoilt barbeque sausages, rotten mullie juice spread throughout the car, explosive diarrhea, accidental devastation of local endangered turtle population and a close call with high tide inundating camp, this trip was so satisfying that Hong and Joe didn’t want to go camping ever again, such was the potent camping fix that the BFC delivered. Let’s hope BFC V2 serves us just as well with a camping trip of the same calibre. See the results here.

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  1. Hahhaha Joe you are hilarious. You should turn all these little blogs into a book. Have fun on the trip don’t forget the off choc-milk

    • hmmm a book ay. I dunno if I can keep up this level of writing, it’s bad for my health. I’m starting to get “writer’s gut.” It’s similar to a beer gut but caused be inactivity from writing. Maybe the beer I drink has something to do with it too.

      Thanks for reminding me, I’m going to buy two cartons of expired choc milk for the BFC V2.

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