BFCV2 executive summary

Well the Big F###-off Camp is over and Hong is back in Perth whilst I retire back to my house duties. Here for you is a quick summary of the BFCV2 mainly to get some photos up, more details on each location to come on future posts.

Fish landed (undersized not counted)

Barramundi: 2

Catfish: 24

Mangrove Snail: many

Mud Crab: 3

Oyster: many

Shark: 1

Threadfin Salmon: 1

Other Bush Tucker Gathered and Eaten

Green ants: tastes like lemon

Green ant larvae: tastes like bland puss

Palm Heart: tastes like sweet miscellaneous vegetable

Pandanus nuts: tastes like rich oily nuts

Pandanus cabbage: tastes like raw cabbage

Supplejack: tastes like miscellaneous vegetables with a hint of brussel sprouts.

Camp Highlights

– Learning the Northern Territory tradition of drinking XXXX Gold mid strength beer all day every day.
– Both Hong and Joe landing sized barra. Not the biggest, but acceptable.
– Landing so many catfish we considered becoming specialist catfish fishermen.
– Getting separated from vehicle and camp on wrong side of Shady Camp barrage at night when a 3m crocodile decided to lay on the barrage, blocking our only route back to camp. At the same time there were many crocodiles in front and behind us in the water on both sides of the barrage. Actually there were a ridiculous quantity of crocodiles, we counted around 20 at one time. I feel I have exhausted my luck after being trapped by so many crocodiles and getting away with it. Time to stay away from crocodiles for a while.
– Being at 4 Mile Hole in Kakadu National Park during crocodile research. A research team caught and released a crocodile for measurements and tagging. We were able to watch and learn about crocodiles and get some photos.
– Hong being decimated by biting midges at West Alligator Head in Kakadu National Park.
– Hilux recovery of a stricken Prado from a mud bog in Kakadu National Park.

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