Daly River – Boat Fishing Paradise

The Reynolds Track finishes near Daly River, a small town situated on a river of the same name. The river is reported to be the Northern Territory’s premier barra fishing river so we thought it made sense to check it out. Much to our dismay we found a boat was required to take advantage of the Daly River. The surrounding area is either private pastoral land or aboriginal land off limits without a permit, so there is no opportunity to explore bush tracks along the river to find good fishing spots. Without a boat you’re basically limited to the area around the low level river crossing. We tried our luck there and managed to land our specialty species – a small catfish. Cooked up our remaining mud crab using the kelly kettle and had that for dinner along with a few spuds roasted in the hot coals and the threadfin salmon that I caught at Finnis River.

There’s a nice bush pub at Daly River so after not much luck fishing at the crossing we went there to ask for advice and drink a few pints of motivation. The fella behind the bar told us one other spot to try – the mouth of Bamboo Creek where it meets the Daly River. Head down Cemetery Road, cross the bridge over Bamboo Creek, park up on the side of the road then bush bash through the vegetation to the mouth of the creek. Again we caught another catfish! Unbelievable how reliably we can catch these things. Another small one caught on a lure almost as big as itself. Chucked it back in, tried for a bit longer until we succumbed to the heat and headed back to the pub.

We stayed a second night at Daly River at the caravan park near the pub. Couldn’t do anything else after an afternoon at the pub. Cooked up a camp oven roast chicken and hit the hay ready for an early departure in the morning.

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