Northern Territory, Australia

Robin Falls, Daly River Region

After Daly River we headed back to Darwin to re-supply food and beer. On the way we noticed a sign “Robin Falls” so decided to have a look. Hadn’t heard of it before – it’s a small camping area set right on the banks of a small clear running creek. Literally right on the bank, you risk getting your feet wet taking one step from the camp sites. No facilities except bins, and a rough walking trail with a sign made out of a polystyrene meat tray saying “Falls 300m”.

The walking track was rough, following the creek along a steep sided valley, with many big boulders in the way along the loose, rocky ground. After what we estimate around 600m of walking, we thought maybe it was time to give up and the so called “falls” were just the crappy little rapids we had already passed. But we could still make out some sort of track so decided to proceed. We were rewarded, for after another maybe 300m of walking we arrived at the falls, we guessed around 900m from the “Falls 300m” sign. Beautiful, cascading down a few platforms, with small rock pools and crystal clear water. Nice little hidden gem.

No time to camp, we were on a mission to restock and head onto Shady Camp.

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