Northern Territory, Australia

Return to Mataranka

With the really hot weather we thought it was a good idea to head down to Mataranka to relax in the spring fed pools. This was our second visit to Mataranka. We stayed at Mataranka Homestead Tourist Resort, one of the dirtiest caravan parks we’ve ever stayed at. I don’t think they employ cleaners at all. The national park campgrounds are cleaner and better. The tourist resort has a nice outdoor bar though, which is where we watched the footy grand final from. After the grand final there was a live singer to continue with the entertainment. It was a really good night despite the dodgy caravan park. Plus it’s right near the springs, where we went for cooling dips throughout the day.

There was a rescued kangaroo joey on site that we got to pat. It had only just learnt to hop and was quite amusing to watch it awkwardly bounce around. Very cute.

The bats were going crazy overhead in the early evening. The sky was full of swarming bats, with the smell of guano adding a nice touch to our tropical holiday.

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