Northern Territory, Australia

Grove Hill Party Night

On Saturday we went to Grove Hill Heritage Hotel with Lydia and Pat for the final free bbq party of the year. What a great night! Great atmosphere, friendly crowd, good food, good live music and dancing and just all round fun. I was surprised at the civilized and friendly nature of the crowd. We were scared it may get a little rough and rowdy being out in the middle of the Northern Territory outback. Actually it was the complete opposite. Good fun for the whole family.

Before the night kicked off we wondered around the area checking out some of the old relics and information in the museum. As the sun set the party started and we enjoyed the rest of the night watching the band, eating, drinking and chatting to the people we met.

The free dinner was excellent. I was expecting sausage in a bun but instead we got roast pork, roast turkey, apple sauce, bread, salad and curried eggs. The meat was superb. The music was entertaining and the oldies got out on the dance floor to bust out their best moves.

We were up early in the morning and off back to Darwin to give Lydia and Pat time to get ready for their flight back to Perth. Dropped them off, snuck in a quick steak sandwich for lunch at Rapid Creek and then headed back home to Katherine.

No more free bqq Saturdays until after the wet season, although Grove Hill stays open right through.

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